About the Neighborhoods

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About Southeast:
Southeast Roanoke is a great place to live and work and it can't be denied that the area is full of character. From homes that are over 100 years old to the rich history the railroad, Southeast is a community of hard workers, loving families, and caring neighbors. As more and more people realize the potential of this great area, more work is done to improve and revitalize our neighborhoods, and as businesses grow and expand, others will begin to see the charm that Southeasterners already know and love about the place we call home.is home to many family and pet-friendly parks and greenspaces. Southeast has the largest acreage of public parks to residential acreage to any other section of the city. The area is also becoming more and more walkable and bike friendly .

Southeast is a blue collar working class community and the area is improving all the time. The community was recently involved in completing two murals at different gateways into Southeast Roanoke. The Dale Avenue Community Mural was specifically planned, designed, and painted by over 100 members of the community, in July of 2016. This particular project was designed from feedback gathered from the community about what they like about Southeast. Some of most common themes we heard was diversity, a sense of community and feeling welcome, love for the Mill Mountain Star, pride in our parks and greenspaces, and our neighborhood’s rich history.

Businesses have recently grown in Southeast recently, including a delicious ice cream parlor located directly on one of the Greenways in Southeast. The new addition of a car wash, modern storage facility, new Domino’s location, etc., lead residents to believe this is just the beginning of additional growth Southeast will see in the near future.

One of the coolest things about Southeast Roanoke, is the history. Manu homes in this area were built at the turn of the 19th century. Some were even kit homes purchased through a catalog and delivered by railroad, where they were transported by horse and buggy to the building site, and assembled like a numbered puzzle. With the age of many of these homes, there are plenty that are ready and waiting to be rehabbed and remodeled into dream homes. There are even tax credits available from the city for certain rehab projects. The low housing costs around Southeast is a huge bonus to our area and brings in many new families who are willing to invest in the neighborhood. This is happening more and more every day in our area and we love seeing the transitions.

There are several neighborhood groups in addition to our civic league, the Southeast Action Forum, that work diligently towards positive change throughout Southeast. We plan several community events throughout the year. For the last two years the neighborhoods have even participated in a holiday decorating contest through images posted to Facebook to showcase how colorful the homes in our area are around Christmas. The neighborhood groups work closely with local law enforcement, and affiliate organizations to make improvements and further the sense of community throughout our area.

A Brief History:
During Roanoke’s early years, Jefferson Street divided the city East and West and the railroad divided the city North and South.  This delineation continues somewhat today as the city is divided into four primary geographic sections: Northwest (NW), Northeast (NE), Southwest (SW), and Southeast (SE).  Southeast which is made up the Belmont, Fallon, Kenwood, Morningside and Starview Height neighborhoods, was founded in 1888. The majority of the structures standing within the Southeast neighborhoods date from Roanoke's emergence as a railroad center between 1890 and 1950. Check this site out for images and stories of the neighborhood's past.

Neighborhood Info:
The Belmont neighborhood is bound by the Norfolk Southern shops, 13th Street, Highland Avenue and Interstate 581. The Fallon neighborhood is bound by the Norfolk Southern right-of-way, 13th Street, Dale Avenue and the town of Vinton. The Kenwood neighborhood is bound by Dale Avenue, 13th Street, the Roanoke River and the town of Vinton. The Morningside neighborhood is bound by 13th Street, Highland Avenue and the Roanoke River. The Riverdale Farm neighborhood is bound by Rutrough Road, the Roanoke River and the town of Vinton. The Starview Heights neighborhood is bound by 9th Street, Montrose Avenue, 5th Street, and Elm Avenue. The boundaries for the Garden City Civic League are Riverland Road to Yellow Mountain Road, Mount Pleasant Boulevard to the Blue Ridge Parkway Spur, all roads going to Mount Pleasant Boulevard stopping at the city limits and Welcome Valley Road to the city limits.